May 29, 2012

(YA) The Golden Flute Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY!

    Welcome to my stop on The Golden Flute blog tour! For a chance to win an eCopy of The Golden Flute by Catherine Lanigan, please read through this post and enter the form below. For the tour calendar, please click the banner above.
     Catherine Lanigan has written over 40 books in a variety of genres--even the novelization of Romancing the Stone! She now begins her foray into young adult fantasy with The Adventures of Lilli and Zane series (I'm not the only one who immediately thinks of Billy Zane when I hear that am I?). The first installment begins with The Golden Flute which will be released on June 12.
Release date: June 12, 2012
(From Cedar Fort)

      She held up the flashlight and this time a very odd symbol caught her eye. It was a round ring and inside the ring was a pyramid and superimposed over it was a cross, like the cross hairs on a gun site.     
      Instinctively, she reached out to touch the symbol.
      Just before impact, an electrical spark from the symbol on the wall to her fingers shot through her.

      Teen treasure hunters Lilli and Zane have grown up in a world of ancient artifacts, coded messages, and long-buried mysteries. But there’s no telling what they’ll unearth when they face off against the infamous Zorav and his even-more-menacing advisor.
      With the fate of the world in their hands, Lilli and Zane will have to stay one step ahead of danger, find the treasured artifacts, and keep them far away from their enemies or face death—and maybe even worse.
      Masterfully written by bestselling author Catherine Lanigan, this thrilling action story keeps you guessing through every twist and turn. Cross continents and connect the clues along with Lilli and Zane as you’re pulled into a world of mystery and suspense. A must-read for adventurers of all ages!
The Adventures of Lillie and Zane series:
* The Golden Flute, June 12, 2012
* The Olismocchi Indians, TBA 2013
* The Mysterious Myth of Giza, TBA
Places to visit Catherine:
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