Review Policies
  • From whom will I accept requests? Authors, author's assistants, agents, & publishers.

  • What kind of books do I feature/review? ** Traditional, larger publishing companies.**
    Youth books; children's picture books (ages 0-8), middle-grade (ages 9-12), & young adult (up to age 18). Anything that falls within these age rages. This also includes comics & graphic novels. NOTE: I will also review other book related media such as movies, food (recipes), artwork (illustrations), crafts, etc. If it's geared towards youth, I'm all about it. In fact, I'd love to feature it.

  • What kind of books do I explicitly NOT feature/review? Stories containing heavy profanity, graphic violence, or graphic sex. Aside from graphic things, really, anything that features sex in any way overly much, and/or has several instances of profanity, isn't my thing.

  • How quickly do I promise to read the book? That's a tricky one. It depends on the state of my TBR pile and what prior commitments I have to those requesting reviews. It also depends on what is going on in my life at the time. If you would like me to review your book, please just email me and see what my reviewing status is.

  • Do I guarantee a review for every book I read? If I am not comfortable making my thoughts on a book public, then I won't. I will respond to the author via email though, letting him/her know that I decline to review. Some books just aren't for some people, and I may be some people sometimes.

  • How should people contact me? You may contact me via email.
    If you need my mailing address, please request it through email.
 Contest/Giveaway Policies
  • Age restrictions: 14 years old and up. And if you're between 14 and 18, you'd better not win anything that your parents wouldn't approve of.

  • Location restrictions: US only unless the individual contest/giveaway states otherwise.

  • My right as the blogger: If you're being poopy (i.e. bad language, being mean, etc.) then I will X (kick) you out of the contest/giveaway.

  • Email & address requirement: In order to contact the winner, I require that all entrants include his/her email address in their contest/giveaway entry. At the end of the contest/giveaway, I will email the winner and request his/her physical address (no P.O. Box) in order to mail the prize. If the prize is an eBook of course, no physical address is needed.

  • Contacting the winners: As stated above, I will email the winners. None of that "you need to check back to see if you've won" stuff.

  • Winner response time: Winners must respond to my email within 2 days (48 hours) unless stated otherwise or I will chose another winner.

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