Oct 28, 2012

I Gots the Shops! What I've Been Up To Recently on the Creative Front

          Recently I've been working on my online shops at Etsy and Zazzle. It all started with a T-Shirt at a thrift store that had an ultra cute slice of bread with a happy face on it holding a little jar of strawberry jam. The shirt appropriately said, "We be Jammin'". I loved it. So I bought it. Then I realized that a matching happy slice of bread hair clip would be awesome to wear along with the shirt. So I made one out of felt (shown left). And then I made an apple hair clip because my 2 yr. old daughter loves apples. Then I made a pumpkin muffin, and a chocolate cupcake, and a slice of pizza, and more--you get the picture. You can find those hair clips for sale in my Etsy shop, 2ndStar2theRight (yes, inspired from Peter Pan). My creative juices got to flowin' and I kept making things!
          I've been having a ton of fun with my other shop, the one on Zazzle called in2theWardrobe (inspired by Narnia, of course. The name 2ndStar2theRight was already taken [what??]). I draw on my iPad and then upload the image to my Zazzle account and then place it on various products like shirts and postcards and posters and plates. You see the little reader girl up there? Yes, the one at the top of this blog setting those books free to fly away? Well, I drew her. She, ReaderGirl, is one of the design sections in my Zazzle shop. There's the ReaderGirl Reads, which you may have seen as the cover image on the Book Adventures Facebook Page, as well as ReaderGirl Eats (shown right). I've also drawn and designed some Narnia products, Peter Pan, Doctor Who (love me some Who!), as well as fantasy creatures (dragons, fairies, that zombie haiku), food & drink images (including some kawaii, anime types), and illustrations that don't fit into the aforementioned categories, such as a squirrel in a tree, an Asian girl with a sword, a girl smelling lilacs, etc.
          ANYWAY, I just wanted to post a little something about what I've been up to creatively because I feel so excited about it! And I've won two "Today's Best Awards" on Zazzle (this candy jar and this postcard)! Zazzle tells me that my images were picked out of thousands! So, yeah, that makes me feel pretty special--so I wanted to share. Below you'll find some images of the things I've made and/or designed. Click on the images to go to the product page. There is a lot to explore! Also, I have a Facebook page for the things I create called 2ndStar2theRight, if you'd like to "like" it. And there's even a Pinterest board for this stuff too!

Inspired by the Doctor Who TV series
Inspired by Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

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