Dec 12, 2011

Children's Tuesday: How Murray Saved Christmas

     This. Book. Is. Hilarious. It's a great Christmas read aloud for boys and girls and grown-ups of each type. I wish I had my copy here with me to quote from, but believe me, it's funny.  This is what Jon Lovitz had to say about it:
“This is a great book for children ages five to fifteen, although I have to admit, it was over my head.”
(From Goodreads)
(ornament from Trendy Tree)
     When Santa is put out of commission, deli owner Murray Kleiner reluctantly agrees to take his place, putting a spin on Christmas that's all his own. And with the help of a pushy elf and an eager-to-believe young boy, Murray finds that even though he's not big enough to fill Santa's suit, he's got more than enough heart to get the job done.
     The story by Mike Reiss is all in rhyme and the pictures from David Catrow are full of humor (keep your eye out for other holiday personifications). There's even a nod to Kalvin Klein underwear. And it's rife with deli terms. Have a holiday sandwich night and read about How Murray Saved Christmas

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