Jul 2, 2011

Book Release from LDS author Michael Young!

     Michael D. Young, LDS author of The Canticle Kingdom (YA) and Portrait of a Mother, is celebrating the upcoming release (July 14th) of his third book The Last Archangel (YA) with a blog tour and a chance to win one of several items from his blog or a copy of the book via Goodreads!
     Also, aside from the blog tour, Mike will be doing several book signings around Utah, including an awesome launch party at Scera Park in Orem on Saturday, July 16th from 6 PM - 8:30 PM! There will be your choice of cake -angel or devil. How clever! Other signings can be found on The Last Archangel's website or on the "Local Events" page here on this blog.
(The image above links to Mike's official blog. Scroll down a few posts to find the giveaway he is hosting there.)

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