Apr 22, 2011

Dragons and Donations

     LDS author and illustrator, James A. Owen (Starchild comics, Mythworld series, Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica) has received critical acclaim for his recently published eBook, Drawing out the Dragons. In response to the comments of praise and requests concerning the book he has decided to donated buku bucks to the organization Kids Need To Read as his book climbs the Amazon Kindle sales ranking. Please read the post he wrote concerning this.
      In 1992 James Owen started his own publishing company, Taliesin Press. He created the comic Starchild which at first didn't sell very well but after a car accident that damaged his drawing hand, then left hand layouts for another Starchild comic, and the help of other artists, Taliesin took off, selling tons of the now classic Starchild series. Taliesin became Coppervale International in 1995 and to this day deals not only in comic book publications but novels, film, print making, real estate, and even began publishing the long lost International Studio magazine for a time (you can still purchase the three issues that were published via the Coppervale website).

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