Mar 12, 2011

Movie: Ramona & Beezus, "Guts, guts, GUTS!"

    Last night we watched the movie "Ramona & Beezus" based on the Ramona, Beezus, & Henry Huggins books by Beverly Cleary (who also wrote The Mouse & the Motorcycle, Dear Mr. Henshaw, & many, MANY others). I have to tell you that I really loved this movie. I want to own it and I want you to watch it. It was colorful, funny, had an intact family, and hit on many issues such as the tension and stress caused by a father who has been laid off work, childhood friends developing stronger feelings for one another (boyfriend/girlfriend feelings), and what it's like when you feel like you're a chronic failure. Ramona's imagination, innocence, and crazy, creative ideas mixed with the issues mentioned above (and more) made this a rich and very enjoyable movie. Get it and watch it!
"Sometimes I color inside the lines. 
It just depends on the picture."

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