Mar 11, 2011

PCL Markus Zusak Contest!

    I learned about this contest just today via good ole' Facebook. The Provo City Library is having a contest ending this sunday, March 13th. This is what the PCL Facebook page says:
Want to win two tickets to see MARKUS ZUSAK and a set of his novels? Send us your love! Simply email a testimonial of your favorite experience at PCL to "" by midnight on Sunday, March 13th. Two winners will be drawn at random from respondents and notified on Monday, March 14 via email. 
Good luck, and THANK YOU for supporting Provo City Library!
    The Markus Zusak lecture is on March 26th at 6:00 PM in the library ballroom. Tickets are free and are available starting tomorrow. Markus Zusak is an Australian author, the two more well known books of his being, I Am the Messenger (sadly of which I read the first few chapters and was then no longer interested; sex talk & bad words. But also, it just wasn't my style even without that stuff. It did well in the market though) and The Book Thief (which I assume is the real reason PCL has asked him to come as this is also the book which has really made him famous because it is about a girl during WWII -from Death's perspective I might add).
So enter the contest! Even though the tickets are already free, the books sure aren't. And then you can get them signed! Hooray!

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