Sep 14, 2015

Quick Impressions: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

          I just finished reading Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery for the first time, and I bawled like a child. It took me a lot longer to get through than I anticipated, I didn't realize it was so long and full, and it was descriptively tedious in a slight few places when I wanted to get on with what Anne was up to, but it completely won me over near the beginning and I loved the characters like they were close friends. Part of the pull on me was remembering being a child growing up on the Farm way out in the country and the sights and smells and peace there and making me miss it and wanting to spirit away there that very instant. What a good book this would be to read up in the barn loft on a Spring or near Autumn day! Now I understand the popularity and timelessness of this classic and I am looking forward to the day when my daughter reads and experiences it. I'll have to make sure she has plenty of Farm time before then ;).

Now I'm going into the kitchen to make something from Avonlea. Stay tuned for a recipe or two and a Fiction Kitchen Podcast episode.

"I don't know what lies around the bend, but I'm going to believe that the best does."

–Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Edit: Recipe for Anne's Raspberry Layer Cake (without liniment oil!)
Edit: Fiction Kitchen Podcast:Anne of Green Gables Episode
Edit: Recipe for Raspberry Cordial & Chocolate Caramels. Also check out Carrie's recipe for Apple Carrot Cake!


  1. It's a great book, but you do have to wade through TONS of description. Pages and pages sometimes. It's worth, though :)


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