Aug 25, 2012

Mini Interview with Ethan Coffee, Author of Fables of the Flag

          Ethan Coffee, author of the historical, middle-grade fiction series, Fables of the Flag, was kind enough to answer a few questions about his books. Please read my previous post for a review of book one, Fables of the Flag, including a colonial recipe!
Mini Interview with Ethan Coffee

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What motivated you to create a middle-grade historical fiction series?
I wanted to explore the early lives of the Founding Fathers to show that they were real people too, not just larger than life characters. At the same time, Fables is about a fun story first, so I didn't want it to read like a textbook in disguise. I hope that getting a glimpse of colonial America and the Founding Fathers inspires readers to do more research on their own after they finish the book.

What has the research process been like? Do you have a predominant source?
The process has been intense! Starting out, I thought I knew a lot about American history, but getting all the details historically correct has been a huge undertaking. I've got a few books I reference quite a bit, but there's no substitute for the Internet when you absolutely must know the exact weight of an eighteenth century galleon!

What has been your most interesting historical find so far?
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I think uncovering just how many things Benjamin Franklin invented has been amazing. We all know about how he discovered electricity, but there are so many inventions such as bifocals, the Franklin stove, a pedometer, etc. that truly show a mind with an exceptional ability to find solutions to problems that others hadn't been able to solve before.

What is the future of the series? And can you give us a teaser of what further adventures await Jack?
Right now, I'm finishing up book three, which will conclude a mini-arc in the series. I've got a plan for where I'd like to take Jack next, but these things have a way of changing unexpectedly, so I don't want to say too much. Jack will be around for many years to come though, I'm sure of that!
Thank you, Ethan!

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