Jun 26, 2012

(YA) The Lost Curse Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY!

          Welcome to my stop on the tour for The Lost Curse by T. Lynn Adams! To visit the other sites on the tour, please click the banner above. For a chance to win an eCopy of The Lost Curse, please fill in the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post.
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          Easing his pace, Jonathon advanced only inches at a time. Instinct heightened beneath unseen eyes and he knew he moved in the presence of a creature that could kill him. As he progressed forward, his light caught a presence to his left… a human presence. The dark image startled him and Jonathon whirled to face the threat, the beam of his headlamp cutting into the darkness.

          Jonathon’s had more than enough adventure for one lifetime. That’s why he’s planning to spend this summer camping in quiet central Utah with his Peruvian friend, Severino. But when the two of them accidentally discover an ancient artifact, they wind up in more danger than ever!
          Now Jonathon, Severino, and their new friend, Tallie, will have to choose between protecting a secret that’s been hidden for centuries or saving their own lives!
          A perfect combination of action, thrills, suspense, and a hint of romance, this is a cover-to-cover adventure that you simply can’t miss. Join forces with this dynamic trio of teens as they delve deep into the mysteries of the past. An entertaining read that’s sure to keep you guessing!
Release date: July 10, 2012. Pre-order now!
          Edited (7/5): I'm not sure what the title has to do with the story--there is no obvious curse--but it is intriguing and conveys a sense of adventure and mystery, both of which this story has.
          T. Lynn Adams has woven a well thought out, action, adventure, mystery for young adults and grown-ups. Much of the story is from the perspective of the adults in the book, making this a read appropriate for an older audience as well as teens (there are three teen characters, two boys and a girl).
          It is evident that T. Lynn Adams has done a significant amount of research on the subjects found in the book; geology, history, archeology, along with several other subjects, which is very impressive. The story also has a good amount of suspense thanks to the raw villains she has created. There are no curse words but there are people getting shot or shot at, kidnapping, beatings, and death.
          The cons that stood out to me: the story is weighed down with too much detail and description that often draws the focus away from the actual story. Some of it is pretty prose but too much of it makes for a slower read and I was frustrated at points to have to wade through so much text. The story was intriguing and I simply wanted the meat of it.
          The point of view is third person, past tense, and jumps around in the heads of several characters. To streamline the story and make it more tight, I found myself wishing that it had been limited to two different characters' perspectives in alternating chapters at most, one of the three teens, and one of the adults.
          These two points aside, I enjoyed The Lost Curse and got caught up in the plot of the story which has to do with ancient Spanish gold mines, Paiute Indian history, artifact thieves, a missing father, an ancient map, and a mysterious blond haired, blue-eyed beast. I also learned about earthquakes, rattlesnake bites, and even a little something about the pituitary gland.
          The Lost Curse is a sequel to T. Lynn Adams' previous novel, Tombs of Terror (right), which takes place in Peru (where Adams served a full-time, LDS mission) but can easily be read as a standalone because the events mentioned from the first book are also explained. You will simply be intrigued to go back and read the first book. To read a preview of Tombs of Terror, click here.

EDIT (6/28): Article about Adams' books becoming a trilogy and movie!

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