Jun 14, 2012

(MG) Garden of the Lost Souls Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY!

     Welcome to my stop on the Flin's Destiny book 2, the Garden of the Lost Souls, blog tour! At the end of this post, please fill in the Raflecopter form for a chance to win an eCopy of the book. To visit the tour calendar, please click on the banner above.
(Flin's Destiny bk. 2, artwork by Mark McKenna)
     I participated in the blog tour for the first Flin's Destiny book, Cobble Cavern, back in March and shared the original covers and excerpts from the first three books in the series (check out that post to see them). Author (Jon) Erik Olsen had a very vivid dream, wrote the story down, and self published the first three Flin books a few years ago. They were a big hit and local (Springville, UT) publisher Cedar Fort is now publishing them! And I just love the new covers by Mark McKenna!
     Erik's writing is chock full o' colloquialisms that fill Garden of the Lost Souls with character and charm. There are also leprechauns, grabby sand walls, Grimgoblins, Snazzards, and a clever way to make popsicles, all in mysterious caverns under the ocean. Erik has written an adventurous, magical story great for middle grade readers.
     Garden of Lost Souls comes out July 10th and the third book, The Earth Time Continuum, is due January 2013. Two more books will follow making Flin's Destiny a five books series total.

(From Cedar Fort's Flin's Destiny site)
 Flin climbed to the top of the Cathedral and was now pinned against the anemone’s ceiling while dozens of enraged Snazzards scaled up after him.
I can’t climb any higher he thought, desperately looking around for any last options. There’s no place left to go! They’re going to get me! Panicked, he jumped and fell hundreds of feet through the air as the ground raced toward him.
“NOOooo…!” he screamed.
Release date: July 10, 2012. Pre-order now!
     After all he’s been through, it seems Flin’s life is finally getting back to normal—well, as normal as you can get when you’re stuck hundreds of miles under the earth’s surface. But in Cobble Cavern, nothing stays normal for long.
And when Flin and the rest of his classmates are sucked into another adventure, they’ll need more than a little magic to make it out alive. Especially since this time Flin will have to choose between saving an entire village from destruction or rescuing his own best friend!
Packed with action, humor, and tons of twists, this second installment in the Flin’s Destiny series will keep your kids up with a flashlight long past bedtime. Delve deeper into the mysterious underworld in this heart-pounding story that’s bound to become a family favorite.
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