Apr 9, 2012

(YA) Cat Girl's Day Off by Kimberly Pauley + Tuna Sandwiches

Frick on a Stick! Poodle Farts!
     These clever expletives are only a sampling of the awesomeness you'll find in Cat Girl's Day Off, a new book by YA author Kimberly Pauley (Sucks to be Me, Still Sucks to be Me).
(From Goodreads)
     Natalie Ng’s little sister is a super-genius with a chameleon-like ability to disappear. Her older sister has three Class A Talents, including being a human lie detector. Her mom has laser vision and has one of the highest IQs ever. Her dad’s Talent is so complex even the Bureau of Extra-Sensory Regulation and Management (BERM) hardly knows what to classify him as.
     And Nat? She can talk to cats.
     The whole talking-to-cats thing is something she tries very hard to hide, except with her best friends Oscar (a celebrity-addicted gossip hound) and Melly (a wannabe actress). When Oscar shows her a viral Internet video featuring a famous blogger being attacked by her own cat, Nat realizes what’s really going on…and it’s not funny.
     (okay, yeah, a frou-frou blogger being taken down by a really angry cat named Tiddlywinks, who also happens to be dyed pink? Pretty hilarious.)
     Nat and her friends are catapulted right into the middle of a celebrity kidnapping mystery that takes them through Ferris Bueller’s Chicago and on and off movie sets. Can she keep her reputation intact? Can she keep Oscar and Melly focused long enough to save the day? And, most importantly, can she keep from embarrassing herself in front of Ian?
     Find out what happens when the kitty litter hits the fan.

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     Cat Girl's Day Off is a super fun read with a colorful (literally in some cases) cast of characters (human and non). The story moves along like a cat to a freshly opened can of tuna (that's fast in case you're not a cat person). I definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for contemporary, fun, speculative fiction you can sink your claws into. (Tuna sandwich recipes further down.)

((Here's my Moon inspecting my copy of the book. I'm pretty sure she approves.))

And now, in honor of Cat Girl's Day Off and cats everywhere:
I give you, The Tuna Sandwich.
(Tuna has a prominent role in the story. I even ate a tuna sandwich while reading it.
Moon thanked me very much [she got the tuna juice].)

by Elise @ simplyrecipes.com
Spicy Tuna Sandwich
by funktional @ Allrecipes.com
Apple Tuna Sandwich
by Ivy Ermas @ tasteofhome.com

Tuscan Tuna Sandwich
by David Bonom @ myrecipes.com
Carrie's Garlic Pesto Tuna Salad Sandwich
by Carrie Biles @ Allrecipes.com

There you have it! Go get a copy of Cat Girl's Day Off by Kimberly Pauley, make a tuna sandwich and settle down for a great story.


  1. sounds like a fun book!

    1. Very! Kimberly has two other books published previously, and I can't wait to read them!


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