Apr 2, 2012

Bloggiesta Finish Line!

    I totally rocked Bloggiesta! Or it rocked me, or really, it rocked my blog. What do you think? (blog holds skirt and minces around) Not too shabby, right? I did so many things! So much of which was HTML coding. I have an eye appointment scheduled for tomorrow (for real).

Here are some of the things I accomplished:
  • Policies page
  • Updated About page
  • Updated Giveaways page
  • Updated Amazon store (Bookstore page)
  • Updated Links page
  • Updated Local Events page
  • Joined a few reading challenges including 2012 Goodreads (found at blog bottom & Links page)
  • Pinterest account with some pretty cool boards
  • Social media buttons, including a self-made hamburger for Pinterest (shown right. I'm so proud of my hamburger. Also, did you know I have a YouTube account?)
  • Pinit and Like buttons at the bottom of each post
  • Tweeted up a small dust cloud, or a faint sprinkling (this is big for me)
  • Commented on lots of blogs
  • Rearranged/organized sidebars
  • Backed-up blog
  • And other things from the Bloggiesta mini-challenges 
  • I also helped other people with some HTML issues
     Woah! Totally full weekend. I learned so much, worked on so much, and still have so much I want to re-read and try out, and so much I still need to do blog-wise. One of the things I'd like to implement is more structured and focused reviews of books. Yes, actual reviews instead of features filled with random facts and links. I mean, I enjoy those posts, but I should also do some more, what, proffessional posts? Well, we'll see.
Thanks to Suey @ It's All About Books and Danielle @ There's A Book for hosting a great event!


  1. Wow! You accomplished a lot! That's awesome! :)

    1. Thank, Jenni! It was a fun experience!

  2. I'm so glad you joined in the fun and felt like it was all worth it! Thanks for playing. And yes, the blog DOES look AMAZING! :)

    1. Thanks, Suey! Looking forward to the next Bloggiesta in September.

  3. Great job! I really need to get my blog in order! Your blog name is very similar to mine, now that I look at it. Mine is Epic Book Adventures, I found your blog after I made mine and I was like I hope she doesn't think I am stealing her name!

    1. No worries, 'cause every book is an adventure, right? As you can see by my blog address my original title was Diana's Amazing Book Adventures, but it was a mouthful and I really just referred to it as Book Adventures.

  4. Great job. I really need to update my blog. You have accomplished quite a lot.


  5. Cool! Love the footer and the new header! It matches the badge I have on my blog now! :) Wow, you got a ton done and I have to say your sidebar looks very nice and organized. Way to go!

    Jessica @ Books: A true story

    1. Thanks, Jessica! It's crazy how much I still need to do though.


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