Mar 31, 2012

To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

   As part of Bloggiesta, I've been checking out Pinterest and Tumbler as possible new outlets for my bookish obsession. I will choose one. At this point, Pinterest is looking the most attractive.

Here are a few of the book-y sites I've found:

"Books Books Books"
"Reading Group Night! Yum!"
"Cakes for Book Lovers"
Even Goodreads has a Pinterest feed.

Also, here's an article I came across about how Pinterest can help with book blogging. Including the author's list of book blogs using Pinterest (which was also shared during the Bloggiesta TweetChat).

And if you are a writer, here's an article about how to use Pinterest for book promotion.

Okay. I think I'm going with Pinterest. Sorry Tumbler.

edit: I just found out that signing up for Pinterest is one of the Bloggiesta mini-challenges!


  1. Pinterest is fun, as I just spent several hours exploring while setting up boards for the Bloggiesta mini-challenge! Hope you have fun with it!

  2. You're rocking Bloggiesta! Love the little hamburger pinterest button!

  3. love the buttons on your blog.. for now will keep my buttons but will look into fun buttons in the future.. pinterest is surely fun.. i did not think i will be spending hours on it..but i am


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