Mar 28, 2012

(MG) Rise of the Guardians & E. Aster Bunnymund

"Of course you know the Guardians.
You've known them since before you can remember..."

--Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce

I am so hecka' excited for this! William Joyce is the bomb!

     Check out my past post about the first Guardians book, Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, and for info about William Joyce. Also, click here to go to my post about "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lesmore", a short, animated, Oscar winning film by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg.
     The second book in the Guardians novel series came out March 21st, just in time for Easter. Who is the main character? Why, the Easter Bunny of course! E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! (There really is an exclamation point in the title of the book.)
(From Goodreads)
     Pitch, the Nightmare King, and his Fearlings had been soundly driven back by Nicholas St. North and company in the first Guardians’ adventure. But now Pitch has disappeared completely—and out of sight does NOT make for out of mind. It seems certain that he’s plotting a particularly nefarious revenge, and the Guardians suspect he might have gone underground. But how can they find him there?
     Enter E. Aster Bunnymund, the only emissary of the fabled brotherhood of the Pookas—the league of philosophical warrior rabbits of imposing intellect and size. Highly skilled in martial arts (many of which he invented himself), Bunnymund is brilliant, logical, and a tunnel-digger extraordinaire. If the Guardians need paths near the Earth’s core, he’s their Pooka. He’s also armed with magnificent weapons of an oval-sort, and might just be able to help in the quest for the second piece of the Moonclipper.
     This second book in The Guardians series is about much more than fixing a few rotten eggs—it brings the Guardians one step closer to defeating Pitch!

* Read the first 143 pages here!
* Download the E. Aster Bunnymund poster!
Interview(s) with William Joyce!
(Click here to go to Discovery's page featuring William Joyce!)


And who's doing the voice of Bunnymund in the movie?
It's none other than Hugh Jackman.
Or should I say, Hugh Jackrabbitman?
No. No I shouldn't.

Check out this funny news-ish video about the Rise of the Guardians movie.
(Warning: there is one bad word in here!)

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  1. Whew! Great information here. I need to watch out for this book.


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