Feb 15, 2012

Thursday's Quotable: James A. Owen & a FREE Book!

    James Artemis Owen, author of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica (Here, There Be Dragons, etc.), the Mythworld series and the Starchild comics, has written an amazing and uplifting memoir called Drawing Out the Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power Of Choice.
     I invited him to be the Guest of Honor for the recent "Life, the Universe, & Everything" symposium (this is my claim to fame, it makes me feel special) and he gave an incredible keynote address based on this book (you can listen to the audio link below). His address received a standing ovation and people continued to approach him and thank him for his words throughout the rest of the symposium (which ran three days total). Because of this overwhelming response, James has made the electronic version of this book available for FREE (a zip file of the PDF, mobi, & epub files). This free-ness began yesterday and is still going on. James' goal was to give away 1,000 free downloads and the goal was surpassed, like, hugely, in a shorter time than expected. The goal has now been raised and the time for download extended. To learn WHY James is giving copies of Drawing Out the Dragons away for free, read this note he posted on Facebook entitled "One. Day." It's definitely worth it.

     I read Drawing Out the Dragons last year when it first came out and it is simply incredible. Stirring. Moving. If there is any question concerning the book's greatness, just know that there are some amazing stories involving Superman. What more do you need? The whole book surrounds James' life and the personal choices that brought him to the place he is now. Everything he shares is completely applicable to all those who might read it. It's full of great, uplifting and motivating quotes to keep you going toward your goals.

I've also created a short book trailer for the book below!


  1. Wow!! How cool is this! I could seriously learn A LOT from you! Please feel free to "follow" my blog and I'll certainly follow yours and hopefully I'll learn something (as soon as I get OUT of college--too much all of the time!)!! Love Rick's Class tho, hmmm?

    1. Thanks, Joanna! See you in class!


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