Jan 29, 2012

Yummy Monday: Close to Famous, Part 1

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"I thought I knew all about cupcakes when I began this story — there's more power packed in them than I ever knew. A fine cupcake can take you places you can't imagine."
—Joan Bauer

Joan Bauer and her character Foster McFee from Close to Famous LOVE to bake. Below you'll find a special recipe straight from the author (and main character) to you!
(From Joan Bauer's website)
It's midnight and Foster McFee and her mother are being chased out of Memphis by an Elvis impersonator.
Where are they heading? Somewhere.
Foster was hoping for a location you can find on a map.
She has a lot of hopes, this girl.
And one of them is to make the world a better place, one cupcake at a time...

READ an excerpt of the book here!

Click here to download the Close to Famous discussion guide!

Close to Famous won the 2012 Schneider Family book award on Jan. 24, 2012!
(There are actually three official cupcake/frosting recipes that go along with this book. I'll post one cupcake/frosting recipe now, and the others at a later date. I've gotta spread the yumm around!)

More Close to Famous cupcakes:
* Sonny's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes + Serious Chocolate Frosting
* Malted Milk Cupcakes + Malted Buttercream Icing

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  1. You had me at cupcake :)
    Sounds great--I put it on my wish list!


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