Jan 7, 2012

Writerly Saturday: iWrite Network

     Today I'd like to turn your attention to a great online writing resource called iWriteNetwork. There are many facets to this community to help you in your authorly ambitions --just check out the links below!

iWriteNetwork Main Website
iWriteNetwork Ning Community
Where you can create your own peronal info page and join writing genre groups to connect with writers with similar interests.
iWriteNetwork Blog TalkRadio
Which features several audio files of great author interviews.
iWriteNetwork Blog
For motivating and informative posts from the five great ladies in charge of iWriteNetwork (see below) and the occasional giveaway.
iWriteNetwork on Facebook
Where you can get the most up to date info on iWriteNetwork activity.
iWriteNetwork on Twitter
(Still new)

So who's behind the awesome and helpful iWriteNetwork?
Please follow the picture links below to learn more about each of these ladies!

***And check this out!***
iWriteNetwork is hosting a Writing Workshop
right here in Provo THIS MONTH!
((And lunch is included!))
Please click on the image above to go to the workshop page
through which you can register if you're interested.


So, what do you think, oh Lovely Reader?

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