Jan 22, 2012

The Week in Review & A Look Ahead

The Week in Review:

Awesome author panel in Rick Walton's Children's Publishing class this past Wednesday. Chris Crowe, Ally Condie, Lisa Mangum, Kristen chandler, & Ann Dee Ellis shared their respective writing journeys.

I missed the Thursday, BYU English Society Brown Bag Lecture, "Steampunk & You" by Jamie Horrocks, but I hope to attend one of these lunches in the future! They sound like fun!

The iWrite Network Winter Workshop on Saturday was really great. I learned a ton from Cindy Hogan, Canda Mortensen, Tristi Pinkston, Rebecca Shelley, and Greg Park. Get ready, super-rough and holey manuscript of mine! You're about to be reworked!

Audio Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (won from Reading Teen)
Skippy Jon Jones 1-2-3 by Judy Schachner
Martha Speaks by Susan Meddaugh
Red Dragon Codex by Rebecca Shelley (under the name R. D. Henham)
Become by Ali Cross (won from Konstanz @ No Thought 2 Small)

Ambush (Pillogy, book 3) by Obert Skye (ahead of schedule in the BYU Bookstore)
Dear, Cinderella by Mary Jane Kensington & Marian Moore, illustrated by Julie Olson (ahead of schedule in the BYU Bookstore)

A Look Ahead:

Provo City Library's used book sale is this upcoming Friday! The Ballroom will be CHOCK FULL of great deals! Drive and bring a box with you or something. It'll be easier.

Upcoming releases:
Ambush (Pillogy, book 3) by Obert Skye (official release date) 
Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Just as Good by Chris Crowe
Albrek's Tomb (Adventurer's Wanted, book 3) by Mark. L. Forman

((sorry this post is devoid of links and much fun. I'm pooped and am about to watch a Korean drama.))

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