Jan 23, 2012

Children's Tuesday: So Many Bunnies

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(From Rick Walton's website)

Old Mother Rabbit's twenty-six children, each named for a letter of the alphabet, are lovingly put to bed.

Old Mother Rabbit
lived in a shoe.
She had twenty-six children
and knew what to do.
She fed them some carrots,
some broth, and some bread,
Then kissed them all gently
and put them to bed.

Follow Mother Rabbit through her rambling house and garden as she tucks in a whole alphabet of baby bunnies, from Abel to Zed. Rick Walton's rhyming text has the comforting familiarity of a lullaby, and Paige Miglio's watercolor paintings brim with warmth and gentle humor. This cozy bedtime ABC and counting book will be asked for again and again.

(I don't know who is reading the book in this video, but how nice of them!)

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