Dec 8, 2011

Friday's Highlight: Christopher Paolini Lecture

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(Marie Teemant Photography)
     Friday, Dec. 2nd was a great day. YA fantasy author Christopher Paolini came to present at the Provo City Library! He is the author of The Inheritance Cycle which begins with Eragon and concludes with the recently released Inheritance (hence the book tour).
     Patrons were encouraged to come dressed in medieval attire and it was great to see all of the costumes (including the costumes of BYU's own Quill & Sword Medieval Reinactment Club which was asked to help with the event). Check out the Provo Library's photo albums on Facebook (here and here). Courtney Lowe dressed up as a human Saphira (the main dragon in the series) and one young person even made and wore a cardboard version of Saphira (see below or the FB albums for both pictures)!
     Christopher gave a great presentation about his books, his journey to publication, and even threw in a few random, fun, personal stories. He even read a little bit from each of his four books! Also, unfortunately not caught in the video below, Christopher even did a cartwheel! He's one cool dude. I think that's why he had a bodyguard (no, seriously. He had a bodyguard) -so he wouldn't get mauled by all of the single girls. He's not married, you know.
Anyway, polish your sword and warm up your dragon! It's time for the show!
(My photos are at the end of this post if you'd like to see them.)

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