Oct 28, 2011

Writerly Saturday: Poignant Wisdom from Author Nichole Giles

About writing your story all the way through:

"Even if it's crap, you can edit the crap out of it later."
-Nichole Giles

Just finish it!
((We WriMos should take this to heart.))

     I met Nichole (The Sharp Edge of the Knife, Mormon Mishaps & Mischief, & here's her blog) at Pioneer Book's Authorama this summer (it was also the launch for Tristi Pinkston's grown-up mystery book Hang 'em High). There were several authors present and I was able to talk to each one (and we all got our faces painted by author Jennifer Hurst).
     Nichole and I talked about writing. I confessed that though I have a TON of story ideas (Dan Wells would be proud) and have started several, I haven't actually completed any one of them. 
This (above) was her response. I love it. It's perfect (for realz).

((Though Nichole's two published books are not YA, writing YA is what she loves best. I can't wait to read her youth stories in the future!))


  1. Glad to know my advice helped, Diana! Good luck finishing and thanks for sharing my tip and link.

  2. No problem. I'll never forget your very concise advice.


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