Nov 24, 2011

Thursday's Quotables: Peach & Blue

     Peach & Blue by Sarah S. Kilborne (Leaving Vietnam: The Story of Tuan Ngo), illustrated by Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson (I Walk at Night, The King's Taster) is a gorgeous story about seeing the world in a new way. There are times when we meet someone special and introduce them to our world; a world that is common to us. But we begin to see it anew through that person's eyes because it is wonderful to them. This is a book about friendship and love, about helping and supporting another person's dreams, and about seeing the world around you with wonder and gratitude.
     Please find Peach & Blue at your local library or purchase your very own copy. This is one book that everyone should have in their home forever.
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(From Goodreads)
Illustrated in full color. He is a blue-bellied toad hopping aimlessly through life. She is a sad peach yearning for escape and adventure. Then one remarkable day, Peach and Blue explore the pond that Blue calls home and awaken each other to a world neither has ever really seen before. Lush illustrations by the award-winning illustrating team of The Salamander Room and The Frog Prince, Continued perfectly complement this unique and graceful story.

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