Oct 3, 2011

Yummy Monday: The Bake Shop Ghost

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     Since it's now October, I'll post Halloweeny recipes leading up to the holiday. Honestly though, this book was the first one to come to mind for my new recipe feature. How appropriate!
(From Goodreads)
     Cora Lee Merriweather baked the best pies and cakes for miles—fluffy meringue pies, flaky strudels, layer cakes, sheet cakes, and cakes with frosting finer than Irish lace. But now Cora Lee haunts the shop she used to own.
     When new bakers arrive to take over her empty bake shop, Cora Lee scares them away, each and every one. Then Annie Washington comes to town...
     Jacqueline K. Ogburn and Marjorie Priceman combine their talents to give us an enchanting baker’s battle in this story about how to unlock the secrets of the perfect recipe and a lonely heart.

"Make me a cake so rich and so sweet, it will fill me up and bring tears to my eyes. A cake like one I might have baked, but that no one ever made for me."
–Cora Lee Merriweather, The Bake Shop Ghost

And this was the key to Cora Lee Merriweather's heart:
Click the photo for the recipe!

     Wanna know something COOL? Lorette Bayle (given special thanks in Napoleon Dynamite and she's a BYU graduate!) directed a short film based on this book! I messaged her yesterday asking if there is a DVD of the film available -I'll let you know what her response is. For now check out the trailer below. It looks hecka' good!



  1. Where can I watch this short movie? I'm intrigued XD

    1. Unfortunately it's not available anywhere. I contacted the director a few years ago and she mentioned she had a dvd to send me but I never received it as I'm sure she's super busy. It was in the short film festival circuit for a long while though and then was featured on a special short film website (where I was able to watch it in full) but it was only up for a limited time and is now gone––Well, I just checked and that website doesn't even exist anymore. Maybe I'll send Mrs. Bayle another email, but I hate to bug her! It's a wonderful film though and a fun book–
      –Okay, just emailed her (yeek!) so I'll let you know what she says.

    2. She says it'll be available for the general public soon! I'll post the link here when it becomes available.


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