Aug 20, 2011

I Made a Badge! (or a button...)

     I finally made a badge/button for this blog! So if any of you would like to link to me you can (the button is also down on the sidebar).
     One question though -does anyone actually visit my blog??? Please let me know if you are out there. I know this isn't like other book blogs because I don't really do book reviews (honestly, I don't feel smart enough and I just like what I like and it's difficult to explain sometimes!). This blog really is what it says -my book adventures- the book stuff that I do -mostly about the local events that I go to. I just want to let other people know that there are so many fun youth book related events around here, but also, if you are not around here, I hope that you may enjoy the information I relate about the authors and illustrators. 'Cause these people are awesome! Hollywood has nothin' on them!
     So please let me know if you're out there, Sometime Reader. I need some validation.
(I drew this!)


  1. Now that I have found you I'm a sometime reader! Consider yourself validated. ;)

  2. I read your blog, too!

  3. Haha, thanks, you two! It means a lot.


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