Aug 13, 2011

Ally Carter Lecture (June 24th)

     Finally I'm posting about this awesome lecture! Thank goodness there is a video.
     Ally Carter is the best-selling young adult author of the Gallagher Girl spy series, the criminal girl Heist Society books (heist sounds so much better) as well as two non YA titles. She is a native Oklahoman and still calls OK home today. DUDE! WHAT? I just learned that DREW BARRYMORE is going to produce and direct the Heist Society movie!!! Woohoo! (or at least that's the idea. Who knows how many movies get picked up and then never pan out? It's a lot. But let's hope for the best!)

     In order to sit in the front row at this lecture you had to be wearing a pair of SUNGLASSES -like the spy girl kind (I definitely love to sit in the front row -that's why I get to the lectures so early! And because I love these events.). So my friend and I, aside from reading Heist Society in preparation, bought some BIG fun sun glasses (which I have used a couple of times since, mind you). And yes, we did sit in the front row. I may have even been the first person in line. I can't remember. Anyway, before Ally Carter showed up in the ballroom, the amazing Courtney Lowe (PR woman extraordinaire) instructed us to all put our sunglasses on in unison at a certain point. And we did. And it was awesome. That is where the video begins (too bad you can't see us!). Instead of giving a lecture or presentation, Ally went right to the meat and opened the floor up for questions. Enjoy!

((and we even got key chains!))

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