May 14, 2011

New Book Adventures Photo Page!

     Just to let you know, I've created a site for the photos from my Book Adventures. Even though I have been poor about writing about the events I've been going to, I have been going and have taken pictures at many of them. I made the photo site mostly for storage and to link to if I have taken more pictures at an event than I would want to put in a blog post. So you can check there if you are interested and see some of the events that I have not posted about yet!

     Also, I have written a little more on that old Markus Zusak Lecture post/draft but I am thinking I might just post it with a link to Provo City Library's recording of it, and call it good. Then I can move on! I am enrolled in classes this Spring and Summer with the goal of passing, so I have been using a lot of my time to keep up with school work, so my "moving on" with the blog will still be slow.
     Something related to my Book Adventures though; I am loving the Creative Writing class that I am enrolled in. I am learning a lot and gaining a ton of practice. I am writing in ways that are interesting to me (personal essay, poetry, fiction) so it is wonderful (oh how I wish all classes could be this way)!

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