Mar 31, 2011

Well...I don't know what happened, Book Signing

     I'm not sure what happened but M. L. Forman, author of the Adventurers Wanted series, was NOT at the Deseret Book at University Villiage/University Mall (NOW I understand what that all means. I thought it was IN the mall [I have never been to this store before], but as I was driving through the parking lot this evening I saw the slightly looming, stand alone Deseret Book store in the parking lot area ahead of me. It was a Deseret island [ha!]). I dashed over after class, jacket-less book in shoulder bag, only to find the store empty of the author.
The shop girl I spoke with had no idea what I was referring to, but said that an M. L. Forman book signing would have been nice. She definitively told me that I had indeed arrived at the Deseret Book University Mall, Orem location. TWO websites gave me this information (the author's website, and a Facebook event from Deseret Book)! For shame. And then I unwittingly passed it on to you. I'm sorry if you went to get an autograph and were disappointed (M. L. Forman's blog says that he might be doing a Costco, Orem signing sometime in the near future though, so perhaps all is not lost. We shall see)! BUT. I did not walk away empty handed. There were some deeeaals. Children's bargain books? Yes, please. I got the second Farworld book, Land Keep (hardcover), by J. Scott Savage (LDS) for $2.99 (say whaaat?) and the Wishing Moon and Moon Without Magic compilation, Wishes on the Moon (paperback), by Michael O. Tunnell (LDS) for $3.99. Yes, what I am telling you is true (and yes, you are right in remembering that I already own the two separate books that make up Wishes on the Moon. Hmm, what ever will I do with this new book then? [heehee!]) both of these authors will be at the BYU hosted Utah Festival of Books this June 4th (the festival's kick-off party is the night of the 3rd, but I doubt that there will be author signings at that time). So I was disappointed but was able to assuage my sadness in sale purchases.
     After my stop at the Deseret Book, I tooled on up to the Orem Public Library (another place that I had never been before) to get a library card. I already have a Provo library card and come to find out, that was all that I needed (well, that and a picture I.D.). If the Provo Library says that you're okay, then you're okay all around. I did not end up needing a separate library card, but can simply use my Provo card at both locations. Nice and efficient. Future Orem Library Events, here I come (yes, I'm starting now and by the time I get there you will be happening. Watch out, Events)! Just FYI speaking about Orem Library events, this upcoming Monday, April 4th is a Children's Book Celebration at 7:00 PM.
     After the library, I drove back to Provo and did some grocery shopping. All in all I felt successful even though for some reason the author signing fell through (or was blown off course, or simply never existed. April st is the Fool's Day! Not March 31st!). Now I'll take a little breather until Saaaturdaaay (Rick Walton and Ally Condie at the same notorious Deseret Book. I checked and rechecked verbally, face to face, to make sure that these two authors will indeed be there. I even have it in writing, or printing [on a flier]).

((Whew! And I know, I know. I still need to write about the Robert Barret visit, the Markus Zusak lecture, and also a book giveaway that I won.))


  1. Diana, I'm following you from book blogs. It's so fun to meet other Utah Co. bloggers. I could totally walk to that Deseret Book tomorrow, but I have a wild toddler who probably wouldn't enjoy it. :)
    I actually accidentally met Ally Condie at the Costco signing you wrote about. I was just there for pizza but saw her and had to go over. She is the nicest lady!
    Anyway, great blog. I'm excited to read more.

  2. Awww! That's too bad. I Hope you have fun this weekend, though.


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