Mar 14, 2011

Event on Campus Wednesday, March 16th!

    While walking by the English Faculty offices I discovered a little flier for an event happening in a couple of days. "Using Picture Books as Mentor Texts for Writing". This is a presentation of the International Reading Association, taught by BYU associate professor of English education, Dr. Debbie Dean. It will be held in the Jesse Knight Building on campus at 7:00PM and is free! Also, nowhere on the flier does it say it is an exclusive event so....I'm going! And you should too! Please read the flier (right) for all the details.


  1. I'm glad you heard about this. I got an email about it today and was going to forward it to you, but I guess I don't need to!

  2. Thanks for the thought though! I'm curious and looking forward to this.


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