Mar 2, 2011 is like Christmas!

     These are the books that have recently come into my possession.
They are mostly for my Book Adventures. Okay, only 11 are.
The rest I ordered because I believe if you love a book, you should get it in hardback (and if anybody wants to read it, including yourself, you remove the dust jacket. I don't mess around). Except for two of them, wait, one of them (you know which one) they are all from That place is a virtual wonderland. Usually (and I stress it) they have what I am looking for (for some reason though they do not have the Wizard Howl books by Diana[!] Wynne Jones, *sniff, sniff*, I only have them in paperback, you see). So typically Amazon = Amazing (Diana[!] Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman is an Amazon too. See what I mean? It's good stuff). Amazon is so wonderful in fact that they send little baby cars along with the books.

 And if you attach string to the front it gets even better. 
     So I am getting ready for all of the local book festivals and signings (I still need Little Night by Yuyi Morales, that should be coming tomorrow)! I am so excited! Check out the Local Events page to see where my quest will take me!

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